Set Up Your Shelter Drive!


Steps for Organizing Your “Monster” Holiday DriveTM

  1. E-mail to let us know you plan to participate in the “Monster” Holiday Drive. We will review your request and send you the “Monster” Holiday Drive flyer if approved.
  2. Select a shelter, rescue group or pet organization to receive your donations. Notify the facility and inquire if there are any restrictions/rules for donations
  3. If you want to place collection boxes in public places, compile a list of possible businesses to serve as collection sites
  4. Contact the business to see if they are interested in participating; use the “Monster” Holiday Drive flyer to explain the shelter drive and consider printing it to share with businesses who need to review them in detail
  5. Make family and friends aware of your efforts. You will want to begin promoting your “Monster” Holiday Drive in right away. Spread the word and tell them to check out Use the flyer!
  6. Donation boxes should be in place by November 15. Using the flyer to consistently label all collection boxes. (See below on how to best set up your donation box)
  7. Remember to pick up all collection boxes by December 20, or earlier if you plan to mail them. (See below for shipping calculator)
  8. Sort and tally all of the donations (toys, blankets, treats, etc.). Important: Please tally so we can properly record the success of the shelter drive for our future efforts
  9. Take pictures of what you’ve collected and post on our Facebook wall
  10. Take your donations to your local shelter on December 18 or within the week before Christmas. If you are giving some toys directly to the animals to enjoy, please ask to have your picture taken and share it with us
  11. Be sure to send “thank you” cards to participating businesses—and share your donation results with us, your community, clients, participating businesses and local media. We want to hear how much you collect and donate!

Get Businesses To Participate

To ask a local business if you can setup a collection box: Print out several “Monster” Holiday Drive flyers to help you explain the shelter drive or share with businesses who need to review them in detail. If the business owner is not there, come back when they are so you can better explain. Leaving the flyer there will not be as effective; they can easily throw the flyer away but it’s harder to say no to a person.

Here are some simple KEY BENEFITS to communicate to their business owner.

Helping “Monster” Holiday Drive allows your business to:

  •  Establish community ties
  •  Align your business with a philanthropic effort
  •  Garner positive media attention for the drive and your business
  •  And, most importantly, make a difference in the lives of shelter pets!

Donation Box


What type of boxes should be used for donation boxes?

  • We typically uses large cardboard boxes that we get from a local grocery store and appliance store (great sources for large, cardboard boxes!)
  • We cover these boxes with wrapping paper and put the “Monster” Holiday Drive poster on front and back
  • Some people also used large, plastic storage containers

We recommend that your box be large enough to hold many donations of cat or dog food and be a bright color (such as red) to attract attention.

Shipping Calculator

If you are not dropping your collection to the shelter or rescues, make sure you account for shipping cost as it can get expensive.