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Kandie the Doggie Elf on ABC’s Good Things Utah

Throughout the month of December, Kandie the Therapy Pittie has been collecting much needed items for the homeless animals of SLCo Animal Services.

Kandie is part of a national campaign of 34 doggie elves who are collecting items for more than 50 different shelters / rescues across the US.

Kelly Lawson adopted Kandie from the shelter when she was 4 months old. She was on a list of dogs that was scheduled to be euthanized within the following week. 4 years later, she is giving back!! She has since become a therapy dog who visits boys ages 12 -17 in a lock down facility weekly, a strong advocate for shelter animals and an ambassador for her breed. She is on a mission to prove that shelter animals & pit bulls can make wonderful family members!

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Louis the ‘monster elf’ to the rescue

Louis Vuitton delivers gifts to needy pets: Louis Vuitton helps deliver gifts to the Elmore County Humane Society on Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013. Louis is the local elf ambassador for I Am Not a Monster. (Montgomery Advertiser, Amanda Sowards)

Formerly abused pit bull helps bring Christmas to Elmore County shelter

WETUMPKA — One of Santa’s biggest helpers Saturday came in the form of a playful pit bull named Louis Vuitton.

Louis was dubbed a “monster elf” when he represented the national “I’m Not a Monster” initiative as treats, blankets and donations were given to the Humane Society of Elmore County.

Saturday’s event was a joint effort of Louis’ owners, William and Dee Hartley, and area motorcycle groups. Dee Hartley said she came across the “I’m Not a Monster” organization about two years ago and asked about Louis becoming an ambassador for the effort.

The initiative works to dispel myths surrounding “mean” dog breeds, particularly pit bulls, according to its website. Louis was one of more than 30 dogs across the country to take part in shelter drives on behalf of the “I’m Not a Monster” initiative.

Louis has been in the headlines before. In 2007, the pit bull made national news after he was brutally beaten and set on fire by his then-owner in Montgomery. His recovery included 33 surgeries. Juan Daniels pleaded guilty in 2009 to the abuse and was sentenced to 9½ years in prison.

“Louis is an advocate for pit bulls and showing that they really aren’t monsters,” Dee Hartley said. “And he’s made such a wonderful turnaround.”


Louis Vuitton greets friends before delivering gifts to the Humane Society of Elmore County on Saturday. Louis is the local elf ambassador for ‘I’m Not a Monster.’ / Amanda Sowards/Advertiser

Rea Cord, executive director for the shelter, said having Louis be an ambassador for pit bulls is great for the breed.

“He’s a dog that underwent such horrible things but is still such a happy animal,” she said. “He epitomizes all that’s good about the breed.”

The gifts provided to the shelter included items donated from the area motorcycle groups and donations the Hartleys got from individuals and businesses.

After the gifts were given to the shelter, Louis spent the rest of the afternoon playing with children and bonding with the motorcycle riders.

Jeanne Uuro, a friend of Dee Hartley’s, helped organize the efforts of the River Region motorcycle groups Banditos, Pistoleros and Predators as well as independent riders. The motorcyclists also gave Louis an escort to the event.

“Anything they can do for the shelter, they will,” Uuro said.

It’s not the first time the Humane Society of Elmore County has heard the roaring engines of the motorcycles, Cord said.

“All donors are special to us, but this is such a giving group of people,” Cord said. “They’ve done this all year. We are thankful they are on our side.”

Source: Montgomery Advertiser


Louis Vuitton, area bikers spread holiday cheer at county humane shelter


Pitbull and “Monster Elf” Louis Vuitton poses with members of area motorcycle associations and Elmore County Humane Shelter Executive Director Rea Cord Saturday afternoon as part of a donation drive to support the humane shelter. Special to the Herald

By Kevin Taylor

The River Region’s most notable pit bull Louis Vuitton served as Santa’s Helper along with members of three motorcycle groups from the region Saturday afternoon.

Louis Vuitton, who made national news after he was set on fire and brutally beaten by his former owner in 2007, was dubbed a “monster elf” to represent the national “I’m Not a Monster” initiative to collect treats, blankets and other donations for the Elmore County Humane Shelter.

Louis Vuitton was one of more than 30 dogs across the country to take park in the shelter drives as part of the “I’m Not a Monster” initiative.

A number of boxes and bags of goodies  and more than $100 cash were donated and delivered by members of the motorcycle groups The Predators, Banditos and Pistoleros as well as independent riders and friends.

“This kind of support is what keeps us going not only actually and financially, but emotionally,” said Rea Cord, executive director of the Elmore County Humane Shelter.

Louis represents the abused “Monsters” who are fighting for tougher laws against animal abusers.

Juan Daniels, who abused Louis, was convicted of animal cruelty and sentenced to 9 1/2 years in prison.

Source: The Wetumpka Herald


Holiday drive to benefit local animal shelter


From left: Kayla Scerba, Nicole Rauscher, Ashley Kaminsky and Shanea Pugh with donations from the holiday drive. In the foreground is “Diesel, The Wonder Pit.”

“Diesel the Wonder Pit” is not a monster

Each year, the “I’m Not a Monster” organization holds a Monster Holiday Drive aimed at helping no-kill animal shelters and rescues nationwide. New Salem’s Emily Clements organized a holiday drive for Fayette Friends of Animals in Menallen Township.

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Toys, blankets needed for Western PA Humane Society

Adora’s Monster Holiday Drive to benefit local animal shelter as part of I’m Not a Monster’s national holiday drive.