Titus & His Girl Hailey


Representing Rescued “Monsters” advocating for positive Put Bull Awareness & promoting adoption

My name is Titus and My Girl is Hailey. We are advocates for pit bulls, adoption and rescue. We work tirelessly to bring awareness and raise $ for shelter animals.


Hailey was adopted from Odessa Rescue in Virginia and I was rescued from a NYC shelter after having been found wandering the streets with a broken leg and mange. I watched so many people walk right by my cage and pay me no mind. I was scared and lonely and never want any animal to feel the loneliness that I felt during that time.

After finding our forever home and finding our love for each other, Hailey and I work tirelessly to promote positive pit bull awareness and promote adoption and rescue.

We have become ambassadogs for our rescue and help in fundraising efforts by giving out kisses to prove the loving nature of our breed all while raising $ for rescue. Through our facebook page we have been able to help many families struggling to care for their furbabies by holding auctions and fundraisers.  We have also managed to change peoples minds about the pit bull breed and have been successful in getting people to help out by fostering or transporting.

We are on a mission to do all we can to help all shelter, abandoned, abused and homeless animals as well as prove to the world that Pit Bulls are not the Monsters that they have been portrayed as.

Follow us on our journey to help change the world for pitties and rescued animals at Titus and His Girl Hailey.