The Plucky Puppet: A Three Legged Bull Terrier


Representing Amputee “Monsters” bringing cheer & changing minds through therapy work

Puppet is a three-legged miniature bull terrier on a mission!


My name is Puppet and I am a three-legged miniature bull terrier. I was born with a birth defect: my front left leg had a deformity that my mommy called my little “chicken wing”. I was surrendered by a breeder to my moms rescue that she was in at 4 weeks old. I never use my deformed leg so I’ve been walking on three legs since birth.

My mom is awesome she taught me how to balance myself, how to drink out of a water bowl and how to eat my food without falling over. I had my chicken wing removed and it was a really hard surgery but now it’s like it never even happened. I’ve turned into her little tripod pistol.

I love people, I love dogs and I love every other kind of animal and every where I go it’s my special purpose to make friends with everybody. I am going to be a therapy dog for veteran amputees and help them understand just because you’re missing a leg or an arm doesn’t mean that you can’t be bully strong like me.

Mom says that some people out there don’t think bully breed dogs like me are good and that we are not nice but I’m trying to show everyone everyday what the meaning of true bully love is! TRIPODS RULE!!





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