Sweetie The Incredible


Representing Neglected “Monsters” teaching kids about animal welfare, inspiring future animal advocates

Sweetie is a an elderly, superhero pitbull gal, who was abandoned, left to die, found love through rescue volunteers, and now teaches school kids about animal welfare.


Sweetie, a nine-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier, was discovered by rescue volunteers with DFW Rescue Me at a boarding facility in 2012. She’d been abandoned there by cruel, neglectful people who’d used her to make puppies until her teats were so swollen and infected they dragged the ground.

Sadly, flies had begun to lay eggs in her fur, which resembled cardboard, and she’d chewed through one of her paws, which made it difficult for her to stand. Thick callouses formed atop Sweetie’s joints, revealing leathery skin from a life confined to living in a concrete run. She was in so much pain and was so depressed and fearful that she snarled and snapped at other animals and people who tried to make contact initially.

With persistent and lengthy legal actions from the boarders to obtain custody and with rescue assistance, Sweetie was freed from her life of abandonment and torture. Now she is an important, trusted member of a family, which includes four cats and a little dog.

Because of her progress and determination, Sweetie has attended many schools as a DFW Rescue Me Voices for Justice dog — a program that teaches children how to care for animals properly as well as to report abuse and avoid neglect. To date, over four thousand school children have completed the V4J presentation.

In her spare time, Sweetie likes to make certain all of her cats are extremely clean and that her best friend, Nova Party Pants, gets first dibs on which radio station they listen to when the humans are busy. Sweetie also enjoys reading modern literature, spending afternoons with her mom in the hammock, greeting old ladies on Main Street, listening to heavy metal, and teaching the cats how to create haiku in Pig Latin. She’s really into water polo, but not so much as a participant as an observer.

Her favorite day is always today.