Star – The New York Pit Bull Shot By Police


Representing Survivor “Monsters” raising awareness & being the voice for dogs wrongfully shot by police

I survived the shooting at the hands of the NYPD and is now on a mission to be the voice against Puppycide!


My name is Star! In August 2012 I was needlessly shot in the head by NYC police as I was protecting my homeless human who was having a seizure on the sidewalk. I was scared and confused; I was only trying to protect him. The incident was filmed and posted online, and millions saw it. Many people thought I would never make it and voiced their disgust about the police’s action. Someone made a Facebook page for me to keep everyone posted.

The authority first said I died, wanting the ‘situation’ to go away but the media found out I was alive. I miraculously survived with all the shattered fragments in my skull! I lost an eye, part of my hearing and worse, I lost my human as he felt he could no longer care properly for me.

But the best part of my story? The man who made my Facebook page vowed to not only find out what happened to me, but to bring me home with him. Although I was kept hidden, my new Dad when through all the hoops to find me and he did!! Nothing was going to stop him!

I now have a wonderful life! Yes, I’m happy! And I Paw-It-Forward as a voice in the Crusade Against Puppycide! Let’s put a stop to dogs being indiscriminately shot by police across our Nation!