Sir Grimm the Elderbull


Representing Foster “Monsters” giving second chances to shelter dogs through fostering

Grimm is 10 year-old pit bull who used to live under BSL. Now he and his girlfuriend, Adira, are big foster siblings to pit bulls that need forever homes!

My name is Grimm. I’m almost 11 years old. I’ve been with my mommy and daddy my whole life. I feel blessed that my life has been perfect since I was 8 weeks old. Except when I lived under breed specific legislation. I was hidden in my home for 6 years because of those laws. I couldn’t go anywhere or even play outside.

Two years ago we moved out of those laws and mommy and daddy have fostered pit bulls in need. We’ve had 10 fosters but mommy kept one that I liked the most, Adira, who had her paw amputated after being caught in a hunting trap.

I love everyone I meet. I’ve never met a dog, cat or person I didn’t give a big smooch to. Other rescue people mommy has worked with even say I’m perfect for it because I’m so even tempered. One time, I met a Pomeranian that attacked me and I was so scared I ran away.

I use my page to promote pit bulls that needed furever homes and to raise money for the rescues that save them. I’ve raised over $5000 for rescues.