Sadie Wonder Pup


Representing Rescued “Monsters” given a second chance, changing minds as Service Dogs & Ambassadogs

A pup born in kill shelter, Sadie goes out everyday as a working service dog promoting positive experiences.


Sadie was born in East Valley Animal Shelter in Los Angeles. When she was 3 weeks old, her dog mom was euthanized because she was too protective of her pups. Sadie was placed with a foster where she developed demodex mange and kennel cough. She was going to be euthanized but, thankfully, Smashface Rescue took her.

Her forever moms saw her Petfinder listing and drove 9 hours to get her. She was 4 months old, still had the demodex mange but that didn’t matter. She was adopted and her life (and that of moms) has been full of wonder.

Sadie is a AKC Star Puppy, she has her CGC, and she’s also a certified therapy dog and a mobility assistance service dog, all before she was even 2 years old. Her moms do many things together and they are so happy to see her learn so many things.

They live in San Jose, California, but travel to the Monterey/Carmel/Salinas area every week for dog events and activities, and she especially enjoys her hikes with SociaBull and her fun drills with Dance-a-Bulls.

As a service dog, she goes everywhere her moms do so there is always opportunities for education as they interact with people in public. Sadie is always happy to promote positive experiences with pit bulls & other dogs everywhere she goes!