Rilind Reborn


Representing Unwanted “Monsters” looking for their happy ending with a fur-ever home to call their own

Rilind was a throwaway who, against all odds, becomes an inspiration because of his resilience and happy-go-lucky personality despite his past.


In December 2011, a newly formed rescue devoted to changing the misconceptions about Pit Bulls received a call from a rural underfunded, county shelter regarding an emaciated pitbull that was thrown over the fence of the shelter the day after Christmas and left to die. That pitbull was Rilind, weighing a mere 37 pounds with every bone protruding and open sores on his body indicating months of neglect.

One look into his soulful eyes and Pit Sisters knew they could not leave him there to die. So he was carried out of Clay County Animal Control, as he was too weak to stand, and taken to their veterinarian where he received a life saving blood transfusion from another of Pit Sister’s rescue dogs. He was given food, medical care and most of all, love. Once a diagnosis of EPI was made, Rilind was truly on his road to recovery.

Rilind was placed with two amazing foster moms who tended to his every need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. His foster moms’ were instrumental in finding his fur-ever home. In July of 2012, Rilind got just that-a home to call his own. He shares his home with fur siblings and wants for nothing. He has a large, fenced yards and runs zoomies to his heart’s delight.

Emaciated, weak and thrown away like trash, he was reborn into the amazing soul he is today. Rilind truly is an inspiration and the epitome of a bullies resilience. Even undergoing radiation and chemotherapy in 2014 for Mast Cell Tumors, he continues to thrive and prove what a fighter he is.