Pretty & Lily


Representing Rescue “Monsters” with special needs & promoting pit bull ambassadors in the community.

Pretty & Lily are a dynamic duo, and after being adopted into a home with a three-legged Chihuahua, this new pack made quite an “Unlikely Trio.”


Pretty is an elderbull who stands for senior dogs and canine cancer survivors everywhere. After her mom found a small bump on her paw pad, they went straight to the vet where they discovered it was a rare form of cancer called Plasmacytoma. Because of early detection, Pretty is now cancer-free! She still runs zoomies all over the house after bath time and you’d never know she had surgery that almost took her foot. Pretty became deaf as a puppy after being abused and mistreated, but because she has learned hand signals and eye movements, most people would never know she can’t hear.

Lily is the baby of the house… well a 70-pound baby who thinks she’s a lap dog! We think her Chihuahua sister Roo taught her at a young age that size doesn’t matter – it’s all about personality! Lily is the epitome of a Gentle Giant and makes friends wherever she goes. Her smile is simply infectious. Children, adults and other dogs are always drawn to her charming personality. She will kiss you on your saddest day and lick your tears away, because in her eyes every day is an amazing day to be loved. Lily became a Canine Ambassador with the San Diego Humane Society in 2015.

Pretty & Lily’s mom teamed up with the mom of “Angel” Rocky and Manders (and Hercules too) to create a nonprofit group called “San Diego Pittie Parents.” Pretty & Lily get to travel all over San Diego County to help spread awareness of their special breed and to help educate the public and other pit bull owners how to become responsible pet parents. Their favorite things to do, aside from being Pit Bull Ambassadors, are running on the beach and swimming in the ocean and just being goofy dogs who live life to the fullest.