Penny The Pitbull


Representing Undesirable “Monster” advocating for pit bulls and the undesirable black dog

The ‘undesirable’ black dogs out there need loving too! Penny will advocate and speak up to help those from ‘forgotten to forever’


My name is Penny the Pit Bull and I am a shelter survivor! Because I didn’t come out ‘blue’ like my brothers and sisters, I was brought to a scary place called a shelter with one of my sisters. We were overlooked in the shelter, even as babies, for 2 months until a rescue came and saved us.

My mommy and I created a FB page because we don’t believe in discrimination against pit bulls and especially any animal because they are black. Statistics show that black animals are often overlooked in the shelters but we are working very hard to help change that around.

In the past 2 years I have become very active in the rescue world and advocating for pit bulls and the undesirable black dog. In 2 years I have helped save the lives of over 20 pit bulls by being a big foster sister. To help an innocent dog come out of their shell and know what love feels like is the best feeling in the world.

As we say in my house each time a new innocent face appears that needs us, “From Forgotten To Forever!”