Oliver’s ClubHouse


Representing Homeless “Monsters” looking for a home of their own where they would feel safe & loved

Founder of Oliver’s Clubhouse.


I’m Oliver. I was found in an abandoned warehouse and brought to the St. Louis Humane Society. At five months of age, I was a very sick and sad pup. Then my mom came to the shelter on December 22nd, 2010, to drop of some donated toys and as she tells me over and over, it was love at first sight. She said it had a lot to do with my ears!!

The word PITBULL can be very scary to those who do not know and have experience with my breed. This is because of to all the negative stories in the media and the incredibly inhumane treatment we are frequently subject to. My mom tells me that I motivated her to try and help change the perception of all my Bully Breed cousins.

Oliver’s Clubhouse was born to celebrate all dogs, and show that Bully Breeds are wonderful, happy, tail-wagging family members. Because of me, my parents have a special place in their heart for my misunderstood breed and we hope to help educate people on just how wonderful we are.