Oh, Eugene


Representing Genetically Defective Backyard “Monsters” promoting shelter intervention and compassion for animals and humans alike! 

Eugene is a boxer mix, rescued after a rough first few months, given a chance to live the dirpiest life possible.


My name is Eugene, and I met my mama when I was four months old.

This was just a few days after I realized I didn’t have to live, sleep, eat, poop and pee in a stupid little box! Some nice people at the NYC ACC and Social Tees Animal Rescue saved me and showed me ruv and freedom.

Mama says I was fourteen pounds when she met me, and the ACC vet thought I was 1 1/2 years old and that I would never stand straight up or be able to walk normally. Four months and forty pounds later, they found out my real age — I was only a pup!

I am now pretty healthy — though I will always have health issues. Even so, I am a silly love bug, kissing everybody and rolling around on my back, and showing the world my underbite. I’ve even been in a national commercial! I have a blind sister that is also pretty cool, even though Mama says I can’t wrestle with her. And now, I’m a “Monster Elf,” so life just keeps gettin’ better!