Mac the pitbull


Representing Rescued “Monsters” with multiple pay-it-forward campaigns driven by love

Mac is an advocate for pitbulls who nearly died as a 3month and now paying it forward with his trademarked motto “i am pitbull strong”


Mac is a positive Pit Bull role model. He raises money for other pit bulls through his store sales. He has wonderful friends all across the world who help him help other dogs. Mac has given well over $9,000 away in 2013 with that help. Not bad for a boy dealing with his own medical issues which has kept him in a crate for nearly nine months!

In addition, Mac sends out monthly goodie boxes to sick or injured dogs to help them recover since he knows what it is like to be stuck in a crate recovering. He recently started a new campaign to help the shelter dogs locally: Mac’s 1for1. People already want to send him stuff while he recovers so he asks for two off of his Amazon Wish List, he keeps one and gives the match away to one of the shelter dogs.

Mac is always accepting new foster dogs who need a place to crash and even volunteers at his local shelter helping to socialize dogs.

Mac is a rockstar paying it forward with his “i am pitbull strong” motto.