Louis Vuitton the Pit Bull


Representing Abused “Monsters” fighting for tougher laws for animal abusers

I am a pit bull who was beaten and burned in September 2007 but I’m to share my remarkable story and to help raise awareness of animal abuse.


My name is Louis Vuitton. I was beaten and set on fire in 2007 by my owner’s son. He sprayed me with lighter fluid, setting me on fire and beating me with a shovel; it was a crime that outraged people across the country.

Amazingly, I survived the attack. The man responsible, Montgomery, AL, resident Juan Daniels, was arrested, charged and convicted. Daniels’ conviction became the first felony animal cruelty case in Alabama tried under legislation known as The Gucci Law. That law was named after a dog that was tortured and nearly died in the mid 1990s, hence the decision to name me Louis Vuitton to honor Gucci.

Daniels was sentenced to nine and a half years in prison. That’s the longest sentence for animal cruelty ever given in Alabama. He is serving his time at Holman Prison and when he came up for parole, I attended the hearing and his parole was denied.

Today, I am thriving with my new parents, enjoying rides with his Dad, getting ice cream at the drive-through window and relaxing by the lake. I am to be part of a documentary named “A Dog Named Gucci”.





Farmers Market Café – 315 No. McDonough Street, Montgomery, AL

Champs BBQ – 10486 US Highway 231, Wetumpka, AL

Petco – 1540 Eastern Blvd., Montgomery, AL

PetLand – 7127 Eastchase Parkway, Montgomery, AL

Pet Supermarket – 1629 Perry Hill Road, Montgomery, AL

Wet Pets – 3010 McGehee Road, Montgomery, AL


You can also mail your donations directly to:

Humane Society of Elmore County
255 Central Plank Road
Wetumpka, AL 36092