Life with Lola & Jazzy


Representing Special Needs “Monsters” advocating for homeless and misunderstood dogs

Rescued special needs dog proving every dog deserves a home, fighting to end shelter overpopulation, end breed specific legislation, and educating and advocating positive pitbull awareness.


I’m Jazzy. No one wanted to adopt me. Maybe it was because I have special needs maybe it was I was too shy/fearful, maybe it was because I relied too much on other dogs. So I’m here to make a stand for all dogs, every breed, color, shape or shape, with medical or special needs, deserves a loving home.

I found myself in a CA shelter at 3 months old. I was adopted but spent the first 3 years of my life outside, on cement. After then, I was returned to the shelter!

I was scared and depressed. The shelter staff worked so hard to get me adopted, and I was adopted…and returned again.

A Purposeful Rescue took me into their program after I was at risk of being euthanized. My mom saw my picture on Facebook and fell in love, exclaiming, “I will hop on the next plane to California and adopt her!” After months of trying to figure out logistics and a possible adoption falling through, my foster mom talked to advocate Rebecca Corry about my mom’s interest in me. Knowing how hard it is to adopt out of state, Rebecca’s Stand Up For Pits Foundation offered to pay for all of my travel from California to Michigan.

My awesome foster mom (who is mom to “Monster” Elf Nana The Earless Pibble) packed me up in the car and drove me all the way to Michigan! I had finally found my perfect forever home.

I live like a queen with my best friend and new sister Lola! I’m my mom’s shadow. I still struggle with my special needs and vision issues but ‘Im tackling my fears & coming out of my shell more and more every single day! I’m learning how to be a dog, a normal dog who loves beds & couches, toys & treats, car rides, and people. :)

Together with my sister Lola, we are showing the world that rescue dogs are awesome, that breed specific legislation hurts loving families, and that pit bulls are inherently good dogs.