Ledgerwood Family


Representing Kennel “Monsters” who can be great if given the chance

I want the world to see that long-term kennel dogs, with fear issues, CAN be GREAT family pets, if given the chance.


My name is Sunshine. You can call me Sunny. Downey Shelter found me as a stray in December 2011. They labeled me as a former “bait dog”, and “human and animal aggressive”. When they picked me up I had a rope tied around my neck and several open wounds.

I was “saved” by a rescue, the night before I was due to be euthanized. They had a foster home in place for me. However, that didn’t work out because they ended up being afraid of me. Off to a 30-day boarding/training facility I went. I learned all my basic commands but it was too late. There was no longer a foster home available for me because people said, I intimidated them. I sat in this particular facility for a month or longer, before being transferred to a different one. There I sat at the second one for another 15 months.

A stranger came across my picture on Facebook and wanted to meet me. The intent was only to socialize me and get me trained again. After sitting in a kennel for 12-13 months I forgot all my previous training. Once socialized and trained the stranger would help find me a forever home. I was on my best behavior when this person came to see me. She came back the next day to visit, and then again every weekend for 3 months.

After 3 months of outings, trainings and sleep-overs, the stranger decided no one else was going to have me. August 1, 2013 I found my forever home. Yep, it was with the stranger and her 3 Chihuahuas. It takes one person, only ONE.