Representing Throwaway “Monsters” with terminal conditions & abandoned senior pets

Honey is a senior Pit Bull mix rescued from death row, diagnosed with Cancer and fighting to give seniors a second chance.


My name is Honey. At age 13, after giving birth to countless litters, I got very sick so I was thrown away and tossed out on the streets. I ended up on Death Row in NYC. I couldn’t walk, I had severe infections and terminal medical conditions.  I had just about given up all hope, but that’s when my new family rescued me.

My new momma thought it was just shameless that someone could throw away a poor old soul and she wanted to make sure I had a warm bed to live out the rest of my days. The vet said it would be best to give me some antibiotics and pain medication and simply wait out the next few days or weeks until it was my time. But who would want to give up a new family and a nice new bed? Plus I had two Great Dane brothers to protect me — Konah and Kongo “Bubbas” the Big Black Dog. Everyone quickly learned that there was still some fight left in me. Within a few days I started walking again and soon my I fought off each and every one of my medical conditions. Well, except for the big “C”. I have mast cell cancer, but I don’t let it get me down!

That was in 2012 and since then I’m still going strong because I have a reason to live. I’ve convinced my family to advocate for senior shelter pets and for those that are abandoned or thrown away simply because they’re old, sick or dying. A shelter is no place to die! I’ve helped my family welcome more terminal and special needs seniors over the years and we hope to convince more people to give seniors the second chance they deserve — reWOOF!