Hazel the Pitbull


Representing Rescued “Monsters: looking for a forever home & promoting pit bull awareness

Everyday we work hard to educate people on pitbulls and show that they are just like any other breed of dog if they are treated right.


My name is Hazel The Pit bull. My Mum and Dad rescued me from being put to sleep at 3 months old because of my breed. Since then my Mum and I have worked really hard at trying to show people what pit bulls can be like if they have a responsible owner. I have completed puppy classes, obedience classes, a tracking course, and advanced tracking course and a trick dog course.

I also go into the local Resthome to do pet therapy. I am not part of a pet therapy organization because here in New Zealand they discriminate against pit bulls and refuse to test them. My Mum and I do it by ourselves and hope that one day I will be able to be tested like any other breed of dog.