Emma The Sidekick


Representing Therapy “Monsters” bringing cheer & changing perceptions through therapy work

Emma was once invisible, now people look forward to seeing her on visiting day so they can love on her!


Hi! I’m Emma! Sometime in 2012 I was locked in a car then busted by the police. Well, the window was busted and the police dumped me in a shelter; the people who left me in the car didn’t come to bail me out. I was stuck in the shelter for what seemed like ages until a kind lady came to my aid and fostered me with her own doggies. I liked foster living, much better than a shelter, and foster mom tried and tried to find me a forever home.

It took almost a year and finally the right picture—aka my pleading amber eyes–for someone almost half the country away to recognize I was the missing piece of her heart! Come get me, my eyes said! And Mom & Dad wasted no time fetching me!

By the end of my second month in my new home, I made my debut as a therapy dog and have been bringing smiles and comfort to everyone I visit weekly at our local health care facility!

But I will never forget my roots, those shelter days, the fear and noise, the wondering if when the door opens someone is coming for me, or not. And so I want to help other shelter inmates feel a little less alone in their cages, a lot more loved with any gifts I can give them.