Destiny the Pibble


Representing Rescued “Monsters” spreading good cheer & helping other Pibbles get their second chance

Found starving to death in Tulsa, Destiny was given a second chance thanks to ten simple words.


Hi, I’m Destiny the Pibble. I’m three-years-old, finally old enough to drive, but Mama still won’t let me! I was found staggering down a busy street in Tulsa, OK and brought to the local shelter. I was so starved the muscles in my head wasted away. I was terrified and hungry and, well, I was a pit bull in a shelter filled with healthy, happy ones unlike me. That day as I sat in the kennel, arriving only hours before, a chance encounter with an eight-year-old little girl who said ten simple words changed my life forever!

“We can just feed her and she’ll get better, right?”

That day, my life began for real. The little girl, Destiny, changed the course of what could have been.

Since Mama took me home, I’ve used my good fortune and social media to help raise thousands of dollars for dogs in need, especially pit bulls. I’ve used my voice to rally my Pibble Posse to make a difference in this world. I’ve had people come up to Mama and me and tell us, “I never thought about fostering before until I read about Destiny…” or “I was always afraid of Pit Bulls before I met Destiny.”

Mama said when a lot has been given to you (and I’ve sure been given a lot!), you should use it for good and that’s what we are trying to do by the good fortune that’s shined on us. Mama said that’s not good grammar, but I told her I was writing this, so there. :)

My favorite thing in the world to do is hug Mama. That’s when we have our “talks” and I ask her questions or help her work out problems. She said I’m the best hugger in the world and a really smart Pibble. I also love Jazzy the Amazing Wiener. She’s my tiny little Dachshund sister. She’s loud and quite opinionated (translate that to bossy!), but I love her a lot! I also love zoomies, ice cream, and chasing that dagnabit backyard squirrel, not necessarily in that order.

My goal for my blessed little life is to keep helping Pibbles in need, just like someone helped me.