Daughter-Bulls Chessure & Alice


Representing Emotional Support “Monsters” bringing cheer & changing perceptions as service animals

We love changing people’s perceptions of our breed.


We are Chessure Caina and Alice Hybana, two American Pit Bull Terriers looking to make a difference. We advocate, educate in our community, we foster other Pit Bull type dogs from our near by Philadelphia shelter. We are foster sisters to many foster dogs.

We were rescued pups who found our forever loving home and now are the welcoming hostesses to many foster dogs. We have earned our Canine Good Citizens Certifications, and educate the general public about Pit Bulls on a daily basis.

When our Mommy goes to work, we visit Grandma with our backpacks stuffed full of everything we could possibly need. After Mommy gets us back home, we’d go for a nice long walk and greet the many children who wait on their porches for their daily visits with us. We love teaching kids about the breed and how to greet, respect dogs and read dog body language. We raise awareness on medical issues for dogs, about rescue dogs and letting them know that shelter pit bull type dogs are great dogs and not broken.

Our lives have been forever changed, and our mommy’s too. Me (Chess) is a NSAR-certified emotional support dog for my Mommy! Together with Alice, we advocate for responsible dog ownership here in Philadelphia.




Pretty Pittie Blanca Committee
435 E. Mentor St.
Philadelphia, PA 19120