Cora The Wobbly Pittie Girl


Representing differently-abled “Monsters” advocating for rescue pets & fighting against backyard breeders

Cora loves other dogs, being a good big foster sister to homeless pets, and promoting local rescues and animal welfare groups.


Cora was rescued from a backyard breeder who had sold all her brothers to be “fighting” dogs and was selling her and her sisters for “bait”. Thankfully, her mom and aunt rescued her and her sister Olivia. They notified the ACO so the rest of my litters were rescued.

Cora was 10 weeks old and only weighed 8 pounds, very skinny, extremely anemic, wormy, and covered from nose to tail in fleas and ticks. It took her mom, auntie and a friend 3 whole hours just to pick the ticks off her :(

She earned my Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog titles by her first birthday. She really enjoyed her visits to the patients at Dorothea Dix Hospital, but when she was 18 month old, she started having issues with her walk, and after a lot of visits to medical specialists, she was diagnosed with Wobbler’s Disease.

The unfortunate side effect of all the vet visits, Cora developed a severe anxiety disorder — she does not like going anywhere and everything scares her, except other dogs. She LOVE dogs!! She loves all her dog siblings and the never-ending parade of foster pups that pass through our doors on their way to their own furever homes :)

Cora is working hard alongside veteran Super “Monster” Elf Laila Ali to help the many homeless pets in the NC shelters, rescues and on the street.



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