Capo the Great


Representing Shelter “Monsters” spreading cheer, promoting adoption & changing perception one kiss at a time

Adopted from the Greenville Humane Society, Capo is on a mission to change the perception of the Pitbull Breed while promoting adoption for shelter dogs.

Capo (“Top Dog” in Spanish) was adopted from the Greenville Humane Society eight years ago as a rescued Pitbull pup that was thrown away on the side of the road. When we first met him, he was emaciated, covered in poop, urine and fleas. He had a rough little start but when we saw him it was love at first sight and we just knew he was meant to be a part of our family.

We (like a lot of first time Pitbull parents) didn’t realize the incredible bias that comes along with the breed. We only saw him, his demeanor and that sweet face when we walked in a room! We found ourselves reassuring a lot of people who were either afraid to walk by him, or, who would want to pet him but were hesitant because of “stories” that they heard about Pitbulls. We quickly realized that it was our responsibility to educate, or, at least start a discussion about the myths about Pitbulls because Capo was so sweet he just wanted to be loved by everyone. Plus… he loved to chase his soccer ball in the football field that was close to our house. We wanted to let him roam free while other people walked the track, played with their kids, or walk their own dogs without feeling uncomfortable with him off leash.

We put him in doggie day care, we constantly took him to the dog park, and we even let him go visit his aunt in her kindergarten special needs classroom to help bring cheer to some very sweet kids. Our goal has always been to bring Capo wherever we can so he lives a full social life. And… honestly… we really love the feedback that we receive about his calm nature, how great he is with kids… and because he is bi-lingual… We love to show off how he does tricks in English and Spanish.

These days he has his hands full with my two nephews who are always playing tag with him, and… a new Boston Terrier little brother. Capo tries to show him the ways of eating calmly in a food bowl, not running in the middle of the street when he sees someone walk by, and, how to give a kiss when you say “beso”. Ironically enough, our Boston Terrier’s name is “Monstro” which means monster.

Why did we sign up to assist with the Monster Holiday Drive? Well… Now Capo is on a mission to help his shelter brothers and sisters in the Greenville Humane Society in Greenville, SC because that was his home before his forever home. Please consider this the “Toys for Tots” Furry addition for our shelter pets who would love extra loving this holiday season.