Calista the Pit Bull


Representing Ex-Dogfighting & Injured “Monsters” promoting rehabilitation, rescue & advocacy

Once used as bait, Calista is now a healthy and happy girl, intent on spreading awareness, advocating for rescue, and bringing joy and inspiration to those she encounters.


My name is Calista; it means “most beautiful.” In July 2013, I was badly hurt and wandering the streets of Phoenix when a police officer found me. He took me to the county shelter, where the staff began networking and asked Mayday Pit Bull Rescue & Advocacy for help. The president of Mayday asked my parents to foster me and they immediately agreed.

They picked me up the next day and I was very sick. My ears were severely damaged and the remaining tissue was infected and decaying. The wounds to my ears looked like bite wounds and my body was covered in old scars. It became apparent that I was likely bred and used as a bait dog. I was also emaciated and dehydrated and the veterinarian said I had been like this for a while. My body was covered in ticks and I tested positive for nearly every tick borne disease including, ehrlichia, babesia and anaplasma. I needed a blood transfusion, multiple surgeries to clean and debride my ears, and lots of medicine. I was scared and in pain, but I was hopeful. For the first time ever, I wasn’t alone.

These days, life is awesome. My foster parents adopted me because they loved me so much they couldn’t imagine life without me. My hearing is intact and I am off all medications. I love pretty much everything I do and I think all dogs deserve fun toys, good food, great treats, and soft things to lie on. That’s why I’m super excited to be an elf for this year’s “Monster” Holiday Drive! Together, we can make sure the rescue dogs who deserve it most, are spoiled with all these things for the holidays this year!


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