Representing Rescued “Monsters” by showing the world that ‘pit bull’ type dogs are just that: dogs

Rescued at just 7 weeks, Butters is a normal rescue dog with an abnormally large head changing the perception of ‘pit bull’ type dogs one smile at a time.


Butters came into my life as a young, fat, adorable puppy that I was supposed to only foster. We bonded immediately & I knew in my heart he was meant to be my right-hand man in my efforts to change the perception of a breed so commonly discriminated against.

As a person in the trenches in the animal rescue world, I see firsthand how hard it is to take a moment to even enjoy a few minutes scrolling through Facebook because all we see is more animals in need, stories about animals suffering, pleas for help… if you are involved in the animal rescue or welfare world you know too well what I am referring to. I decided to share the carefree, sometimes naughty, and goofy outlook on life that Butters has with the world to show that he is simply a dog – no matter what he looks like. He reminds me daily how beneficial living in the moment is & to appreciate what we have. His antics are a breath of fresh air for many. We aim to share all aspects of his life to allow people to come to know him, even if they haven’t met him in person. His Facebook page is based on his perspective, so his posts are in what we call Butters speak – which has led to quite a following with children. By keeping our focus positive, we aim to be a place people can go to for a smile to brighten their day – with the hopes they will pass along that joy to others.

We have gone through some health scares – as many do with big headed (and small brained) hippos who love to eat just about anything they come across and we battle with some serious allergies. We continue to work through self-confidence building & on his strong prey drive. Through it all, the one thing that has always remained a constant is Butters’ adoring love for people.

To help spread positive awareness for the breed, while putting smiles on some faces, we continue to come up with ways to put Butters cute mug on as many things as possible to raise funds for animal rescues that support the underdog. To date, we have provided people across the world with Butters socks, t shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, dog hoodies, baby onesies, t shirts for kids & more recently a calendar – allowing us to donate almost $10,000 to rescues in need, in just one year.

Butters is a typical dog. He is by no means perfect. He just happens to be super handsome & knows how to rock a pair of sunglasses. If you are ever able to meet him, you are guaranteed to have a memorable experience whether that be due to a big sloppy kiss, by him showing off by doing a grass dance or a good set of zoomies, or by walking away with a slightly damp shoe from an excitable pee.


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