Buddy the Therapy Dog


Representing Therapy “Monsters” promoting education, advocacy & adoption through unconditional love

Buddy the Therapy Dog is an AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen and a complex rated Certified Therapy Dog through Pet Partners. I help my mom create safer communities through outreach programs, dog safety classes and therapy visits.


I was an owner surrender dumped off at a high kill LA shelter when I was about 2 years old. I had a cracked femur, dislocated hip and broken canine tooth down to the root, life looked pretty bleak for me until the day I was pulled. Molly’s Mutts and Meows rescue hightailed it down to the shelter when they got a call from the volunteers about what a “good boy” I was. That was the day I started my new life!

My new mom and dad came to see me after they viewed my adoption video, they had previously fell in love with my sister Bella from one of Molly’s notorious “pull on my heart strings” videos. It was love at first sight for me, mom, dad and Bella! I went on to start my charmed life at the beach with my new family. (We’ve since moved and I’m a country dog now, with another brother in tow, yee haw!)

My life as a community pillar: Mom took me for my CGC test about a year after my sister Bella aced her exam and my surgery wounds healed. I passed with flying colors along side a group of Labradors, they all loved me, especially the instructor. Then to my true calling, the Therapy Dog exam. Mom and I, AKA Team Cupcake, took to the test like a fish to water. I kissed, hugged, and wiggled my way through to the highest ranking of “Complex rated”. They said “my temperament was bombproof and I was truly meant to bring joy”.

Since then, I’ve been adding to my repertoire: Special Olympics volunteer, Canine Compassion class ambassador, dog safety class demonstrator, Kiss-a-Bull booth lover, Family member and best friend.

Our goal is to help put an end to breed discriminatory laws or BSL. It’s close to my heart because I had to stop visiting sick kids at the Children’s hospital, where I volunteered for over a year. The insurance underwriter suggested that they don’t allow a pitbull in the program and they asked us to cease our visits.

All the families and patients were so sad to see me go, they wrote letters, emails and heartfelt notes to keep me there but it fell on deaf ears. We will continue to bring happiness and love wherever we can with the hope that more “monsters” will be pulled from shelters and transported to their very own Shangri-La.