Buddy: Never stop dreaming


Representing Shelter “Monsters” advocating for adopter education & overlooked black dogs

From junkyard dog to the life of a spoiled boy.


I was found living in a junkyard by a wonderful group of people volunteering with Pound Buddies. They got me out of there and we all thought things were only going to get better for me. I was taken to a home and was fostered by Stacie. She tried very hard to keep my spirits up and to find someone who would love me forever. We never would have imagined the years and all the ups and downs.

Three different families did adopt me, only for them to return me each time. There was no trying to make it work, but instead they left me and never looked back. If they only knew the pain I was really hiding behind my big, beautiful smile.

On December 31, 2011, my foster mom said I was finally going home. While I was excited, I also remembered those adopters in my past. I met my new family and I liked them right from the start. And the best part is, they really LOVED me. On our way home, I was a little nervous. Would this really be my forever family?  My new mom picked up on this and made me a promise. She told me no matter what life throws at us, I would never be homeless again. I was home and this meant forever. Almost 4 years later and I am still in my home and I have a brother, sister, 3 kitty friends and most of all, I am loved.

Everyday I hear the words that I have always wanted to hear, “Buddy, you are a good boy”.



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Buddy Never Stop Dreaming
52 W Brockton Ave
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