Representing Abandoned “Monsters” striving to end shelter overpopulation & advocating for canine equality

Brodie had a rough start to life on the streets but is now showing the world that there isn’t such a thing as “throw-aways” or “toss-outs”. Every animal gets a chance at a loving home and Brodie is striving to help make that happen!

Hi, my name is Brodie and I had a rough start to life. I was found “straight outta Compton” literally. A nice lady saved me. I was hungry and hurt pretty bad on my back. My ears were bitten all over and I was really scared. The lady was looking for her friend and ended up finding my dad! She was going to bring me to the local shelter but my dad took one look at me and saved me from the shelter!

Coming to the new place the humans called “home” was really nice! My mom and dad took really good care of me and helped me get better. I met my new sister, Mochi, and she stayed by my side when I got really sick the first night home. The very first night, I got to sleep on what the humans call a bed!

Six years later, I still enjoy sleeping on the bed or the couch or on my mom’s lap. I am healthy and love everything about my life. I am the inspiration, well part of the inspiration along with my siblings, for my mom’s artwork line called the “Knuckleheads” – she captures all the funny things we do and creates adventures! My mom calls me the “Ham” because I just love attention and snuggles. I even make funny faces! I also am in training to get my Canine Good Citizen Certificate and help be an advocate for those that still need homes!

I am just a happy boy that is full of potential, showing people that our character is lying within us all. We are all inherently good no matter what color our skin is or what size and shape or bodies are.




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