Blessings of Bella


Representing Special “Monsters” advocating for black dogs, one-eyed dogs & sharing love with those in need

A black, one-eyed, pit mix with a mission to promote kindness, sharing, philanthropy and spread the LOVE.


My name is Bella! I am a happy go lucky, loves to have fun kind of dog. But is wasn’t always like that. I started life rough, I was abused, and left in the gutter at 4 weeks old. Some one thought of me as TRASH! What happened to me before I got to my mom left me blind in one eye. The vet thinks I was poked in the eye with a screwdriver like object. I was terrified of everything.

Now life is good! I play at the park, have fun at obedience school, I like to run realIy fast, give kisses, play with my squeeky toys.

I think that I was brought to remind people that life goes on and you can let go ideas and thoughts that don’t serve you and live in joy. I don’t go around still feeling sorry for myself only having one eye to see out of or being afraid of people or other dogs. I like to promote kindness, sharing, philanthropy, and that black dogs are great! One eyed dogs are great! Pit mixes are great too! So many good things one medium sized package. I am now Bella CGC and some day I may become a therapy dog so I can visit people and kids who need to be cheered up.

I love people and I love dogs! I hope to make friends of all kinds here that are special and together we will spread the word and show everyone that we are all amazing in our own way!