Our Gold Partners


Breathing new life into the pet industry.

Earth Rated® is a Canadian company offering the best dog waste bags around. Our dog waste bags, available in lavender-scented and unscented options, are the industry leader in terms quality, and most of all, affordability. Packaged using recycled content, our bags are extra strong and extra long!

We love dogs (and other animals too)! After all, it’s our love of dogs that was the driving force behind starting Earth Rated. Creating a community of loyal customers has helped Earth Rated grow and become the company it is now. It’s incredibly important to us that we give back to the dogs and the pet community alike. Check out our initiatives.

As many of our team dogs are adopted, we’re always excited to help out shelters and rescues when we can and always trying to come up with fun an exciting ways to promote adoption and lend a hand to shelters and rescues. In addition, we run a program called Shares for Shelters where we encourage our followers on social media to nominate shelters and rescues for a donation of poop bags for their shelter or their foster families.

We aren’t just about poop bags: we care about the environment, we are proud to support rescues and local shelters, we give back to our customers and we use social media to connect with our customers on a daily basis.

Come join us at #EarthRated and on Facebook.



Dogs need to play.

Dogs never stop finding ways to have a good time, and KONG gives you and your best friend more fun per square inch than any toy on the planet. So what’s the magic?

  • We are committed to quality. Everything we make is the absolute best it can be without any corners cut, ever.
  • We take pride in being an original. Like our Classic KONGs, made with natural KONG rubber, it’s the reason people and pets all over the world know KONG by name.
  • We know dogs need variety. It’s a fact: dogs get bored, just like we do. So KONG has toys in all kinds of shapes and sizes. We keep the healthy play coming — and we never stop innovating.
  • Safety is always at the top of our list. We would never make a bad decision for your best friend, period.

A lot of thought goes into making KONG the best choice for your best friends.

Give a dog a KONG. They’ll be the first to show you: it’s not just a toy, it’s a KONG.